キルラ全話みましたけど 描きたい欲はんぱない


HxH 30 Day Challenge Day 4: Favourite moment/scene 

Sorry about that, Morel-san! I was really about to kill you! 

It was impossible for me to to pick a favourite moment in this series, considering how golden it is all the way through. But this was a good one. 


frick omg I tried to do a One Piece charm set with the whole strawhat crew because I was feeling intense OP feels one day but THEN I RAN OUT OF TIME AND ONLY DID CHOPPER AND ROBIN IM SO SORRY i dindt even do the main character hol hysit.


i’m doodling to pass time


Hey, who are these two

2,532 再生


Please listen to Killua singing Departure. You wont regret it, I promise.